Corporate Print

How DynamiteOnline caters for the Corporate User

Corporate Users

Dynamite Online for Corporate Users  Simplify, streamline take control…. Save time and improve efficiencies managing and ordering your printed stationery, printed marketing and regular internal documents such as training manuals, induction booklets, OH&S information etc.
The print needs of a corporate or large organisation can be many and varied with perhaps multiple individuals involved at locations across the country and often a large number of different print items. Invariably there are significant opportunities to refine and streamline the processes and administration associated with managing this often time consuming and fragmented element of day-to-day business.

In a Nutshell

Nominated users across multiple offices can be provided access to head office approved artwork templates on the Dynamite Online web site and edit then order their print items any time of day or night.

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Why Choose Us?

Dynamite Online is perfect for:

  • National, multi-site, multi departmental operations.
  • Business cards, envelopes letterheads etc
  • Marketing materials
  • Training, HR and OH&S materials and controlling current document versions
  • Maintaining and managing current artwork.
  • Protecting your brand.
  • Reducing administration time related to organising printing.
  • Driving economies through rationalisation of printed items and consolidation of print runs.
  • Short run printing for urgent work or where documents are subject to frequent updates and change.

We also provide

  • Distribution channels that cover Australia
  • Fast high quality printing at highly competitive pricing –
  • Our own dedicated production facility – Dynamite Printing
  • The ability to accommodate business rules and protocols like:
    • Cost centre codes
    • Purchase order numbers
    • Purchase approvals from management
    • Control over who can access what.
  • Full admin control to your nominated user
  • Instant access to detailed reports (admin level only)
  • A fully scalable system that will manage just a few business cards to a highly tailored multi level procurement solution handing hundreds of locations and print products.