Just do something!

Many an opportunity has been missed by small to medium sized business for want of at least doing something to promote their businesses. Nowadays business owners and managers have distractions from all directions, production issues, staffing, accounting, legal, taxation, compliance the list goes on. It is not surprising that we often don’t get to work on our businesses rather than in them.

The trick to getting something happening is to keep it simple and doable and have a plan.

Successful promotional and marketing activities do not need to be complicated and need not require in depth research and analysis – we have all heard the term analysis paralysis!

Here are some key strategies to getting your marketing and promotional activity happening:

  • Just make a start and get others involved – it will create momentum
  • Develop a simple marketing events calendar and stick to it. (Click here to request a free Excel Marketing Calendar template)
  • Keep the activities simple, easily deployed and repeatable.
  • Try to make activities easily measurable.
  • Share the load, delegate responsibilities and accountabilities.

A few ideas

  • Create and distribute flyers that capture the key benefits of your business.
  • Try different small campaigns to test the response and establish what works best.
  • Use a combination of activities – mail drops, direct mail, internet and e-mail.
  • Remember to nurture your existing clients as well as find and develop new ones.

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