about us

Who We Are

dynamiteprinting-logoEstablished in 1994, our focus is a commitment to doing "Whatever it takes, for the customer" to ensure they receive service second to none and a product they can be very proud of.

We enjoy the creation process and everyone at Dynamite looks forward to getting involved and giving our all. Our main point of difference is that we care. We care about the quality of our designs. We care about the printing and finishing of our customers jobs.

We care how they are packed and that they arrive in a timely fashion when our customers need them. We do not want our customers just satisfied, we want them overwhelmed with their design and printing experience. We want them to come back and to talk highly of us.

We always look to stay at the forefront of technological developments within our industry. We constantly analyse new machinery and software to determine if it will give us an added benefit that can be passed onto our customers.

We look to inform and educate, both our employees and our customers. This will allow everyone involved in the design and print production process to be fully informed of all options that are available and to choose the most suitable outcome. We feel that having the correct information will allow our customers to achieve a maximum return on their investment.


Environmental and Social Initiatives
Dynamite, like many companies is determined to do its bit for the environment. Not because it is good for business, but because it is the right thing to do. When considering our environmental impact, we look at our daily manufacturing operation as well as ancillary activities associated with our printing plant, like office lighting, water use in washrooms, the recycling of office paper waste and the like. Our plant has been fitted with an electronic light sensor which determines when the natural lighting is sufficient in the warehouse and switches off the appropriate amount of lighting. When the light dims, the sensors reactivates the lighting so our employees are working in a consistently lit environment. We have also installed skylights in some of our offices to provide our team with more natural lighting again reducing the need for fluorescent lighting.


Recycling at Dynamite
We have a very strong recycling program for all paper waste in both our manufacturing and office environments. All off cuts and waste paper are collected to be recycled into further products, like toilet paper. Our metal printing plates are also recycled to be melted and reused. The Computer-to-Plate (CTP) system we use for producing our printing plates also has no harsh chemicals and they are washed out with water only. Our printing presses are either alcohol free or reduced alcohol with our drive being for completely alcohol free printing if possible.


Environmental Impact Printing
We use vegetable based eco-friendly inks as opposed to mineral oil based inks. It dries faster and gives a good image quality. It also helps conserve non-renewable petroleum oils. Mineral oil based ink uses non-renewable petroleum oils.


Supporting Local Community
Dynamite believes in supporting the local community and supports the Dandenong Cricket Club, Moorabbin West Cricket Club, Weeden Heights Primary School, Legend Park Kindergarten, Dingley Football Club and we are also active in our support of Rotary International. We annually donate to the 3AW Donate A Bike Charity event for Disadvantaged Children and have been actively involved supporting our customers for specific activities and events. We recently donated printed goods to a client for the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal and have printed at cost in order to support specific charities.


The Greener Future
But it is not going to stop there. Our environmental plans for the future include reviewinggreen energy alternatives and we are planning to install water tanks to be plumbed to our wash rooms. Reviewing carbon footprints and environmental impact statements cannot and should not be a once off activity. It needs to be the focus of management and staff throughout our organisation and we need to be in a position to best advise and direct our clients on the best course of action for a more environmentally conscious future for us all.

We’re More than Just Print

DESIGN SERVICES Our design studios operate on the latest Apple computers and run the lastest Adobe Creative Suite software. We pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of technology that directly benefits our customers. Our trained graphic artists and designers are extremely talented and are always there to assist.

Dynamite uses a state of the art PDF based pre-press workflow . This workflow is a joint development from Adobe and Heidelberg, two of the biggest names in the printing industry. The workflow is built around a solid PDF background and has tight integration with the printing press and CTP devices. The use of CIP3 data allows for the creation of ink duct settings that are automatically loaded to the printing press allowing for more accuracy and greater colour consistency.
Quality AND speed, who said you can’t have both?! You can now with our new HP Indigo 5500 Brochures, booklets, leaflets, training materials and all kinds of card products are now available to Dynamite Printing and Dynamite Online clients in short time frames with no compromise to quality. Digital printing technology nowadays provides access to excellent quality print with out the need for printing plates so can be sent directly to the printing device with no time delay in pre-press preparation. With our new HP Indigo 5500 Digital press we can go a step further and match the quality of offset print production as well as get the job done fast. The HP Indigo uses liquid toner technology where other digital print devises use powder based toners. The liquid gives a result that is hard to tell apart from high quality offset printing. Quality AND speed, now that’s Dynamite!

Using state of the art technology, we have the capability to produce the highest quality printed work in a timely manner. Our presses range from a single colour press, through to a six colour machine and they are directly linked to prepress department for accurate colour management. We have the press power to complete the largest of jobs in the shortest of possible times.
While the design and printing of a job is of extreme importance, it is what happens to the job after it is printed that can really make it fantastic. In our Post Press departments we will finish and pack your job with the care it deserves. The job is not over until it is over.
When you require something a little unusual or a very specific shape, Dynamite can help. We can forme or die cut your job to almost any shape you require. Just give us your ideas and we’ll see what we can come up with.

Recycling is always in our thoughts. We recycle all paper offcuts, our metal plates used in the print production process and our office paper waste too. We also offer a recycled alternative on almost all of our standard products. You’ll be amazed at how little it costs to be environmentally responsible.